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Long time, no see!



Yeah. About that…

I realize I haven’t been very active lately. Or long before lately either. I’m trying to find some time for DA occasionally, but real life stuff usually come between:P


I just wanted to give a heads up that there will be some cleaning up going on in the gallery. I’ve had this account for a long time. Too long time maybe. 9 years?! How did that happen…?

During 9 years a lot of things tend to happen. When I had a look at my old horse photos I realized that during that time some of the horses in here have gone from being born, started a show career and having passed away. Others have been sold, gone from youngsters to show champions, exported to other continents, passed away, participated in world championships etc. After having taken a look at me own gallery I read a journal belonging to NotoriousFlai (… ). I haven’t spent much time thinking about DA lately, but looking at my own gallery I felt a bit bad. Over the years a lot of things has happened with the horses featured here. Just because the owners felt OK about stock photos in the past doesn’t mean that the same applies now. Their horse might be sold, dead or otherwise. Having had to put down my own Manne half a year ago, I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with seeing him in really gory digital art, for example. Some might not want their horses in digital art at all. I don’t have the time or will to keep track of how each photo is being used, and if I can’t do that it’s more respectful to just delete the photos.


So basically, I intend to clean out this gallery a bit. Itz, Dragster, Manne and some others will stay up, but most other horses will be deleted. Some 40 + photos are already gone. If you already have a bunch downloaded, feel free to use them though. Same rules applies as usual:)

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Sometimes it’s just downright shitty. And sometimes, life as an owner of a pet is really friggin’ terrible as well.

Manne, my fantastic 6-year old azteca, got a terrible diagnosis at a vet clinic last year. I’ve been looking into possible treatments and training methods that might help, but have come up empty handed every time. There simply wasn’t anything to do. And when the only avalible option is to keep him as a pasture decoration, and he happens to be the most social horse I’ve ever met, it’s not really a fair option to just let him stay in a pasture for the rest of his life. So a week ago one of the most beautiful souls that I’ve ever met was put to sleep. Ive never had to make a decition like this before, and I hope that I never, ever will have to do so again.

So there might be a few occasional photos of him left to upload here, but please don’t request any others, because he simply don’t exist anymore. Feel free to use the ones that are still here though.



As a side-note, I have been working with a swedish website that list pedigrees for horses for a few years. I’ve let them use my photos, since the website basically tries to collect photos of the listed horses. Link here:

In the beginning it was mostly about Swedish horses, but since horse breeding is rather global these days, any horse is useful for the website since the pedigree is usually connected to the Swedish horses at some point or another in the pedigree. So if you happen to have photos of horses that you’d like to add, feel free to let me know and I’d love to do that! Any breed is of interest, although for me personally I suppose the arabias are especially interesting;)

Life is a bitch, and sometimes it has puppies.


Noticed that the last update I had here was in March… 2015:P Figured that it was time to drop by and let people know that I’m still alive. Sort of.

I’m way behind when it comes to replying to comments and notes. A quick look at the stack of comments would suggest that there probably re about 1500 comments and some 30+ notes that I have yet to take a look at. I’m getting there, but it’s at a terribly slow pace.


So what’s new? Well, I’ve been jumping back and forth betweens jobs for the past 3 years, but finally landed my first job with indifinite duration. With a pretty decent salary at that. So no more moving around anymore. Good thing!

Well, I’m in the enviromental protection sector, which is currently not such a good thing. The atmosphere within that field is not very cheerful at the moment, which kind of makes sence when you place guy who won’t even aknowledge the global enviromental problems we are currently facing in charge of a country which just happens to be one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases (both in total and per capita). Let’s just say that pretty much everyone who is in some way involved in the field of enviromental health worldwide (or just have a basic knowledge of it) did a huge, collective facepalm when the result of the election was announced.


As for horses and stock photos… I’ve had zero time for photography this year, so the potential stock photos are few. Work and horses took up most of the time I’m afraid. Horses especially tend to do that. If you happen to have a little too much money or spare time – just buy a damn horse and that won’t be a problem anymore.


As for horses… Well, same trend as the rest this year. My wonderful young azteca gelding started acting up when we startet to do a bit of dressage at the end of last year. Nothing much really, just stuff that could be explained by the fact that he was a 4-to-be-5-yearold. Took it slow and didn’t force anything, and it still got worse over time. Had him checked by dentists, chiropractors, saddle fitters, ferriers ect. but didn’t find anything that explained the behaviour. A couple of weeks ago I finally took him to the vet station and had pretty much all of the horse x-rayed. So now I have a 5-year old with severe calcification in the neck, arthritis in a handful of facet joints in the loin and a mild case of kissing spines. It’s, to put it simple, a really sucky diagnosis.

What a wonderful christmas present…

Dragster is doing just fine though. He’s turning 20 in just 2 months. He is absolutly clueless abouth that himself though. That horse gets more and more like a hot-headed youngster by each year. Took him to a 30 km endurance ride a few months back (just wanted to keep a friend of mine company, so nothing seriuos), and the darn horse spent 25 of those kilometers on cantering forward, sideways and backwards while the rest of them walked or trotted. He has taken the art of cantering really energetically in the same spot to absolute perfection. He also managed to show off some really smooth moves that would make most of the lipizzanes at the Spanish Riding Shool in Vienna green with envy. I was yelling, fuming and wanted to strangle him most of the ride, while Draggie looked like he was having the time of his life.

If there was ever a chance of him re-entering the endurance stage again, then that chance is dead and gone by now!

But by the looks of him, he will most likely continue to grace DA with photos for years to come. Well, not right now. He’s body clipped and looks like a friggin’ pony-sized poodle. But come spring, and there’ll be plenty!



Ah, well. Don’t have a lot more to add atm. Other than Merry Christmas (to those of you that celebrate that) and Happy New year!

Journals are few and far between, it seems:P


So, what’s new? Well, a lot of thing. Got a new job, and moved across the country (again). Back to where I lived before the last move though. The interesting aspect of it all is hat we will be spending the summer at the barn where we boarded the horses at 4 years ago, which means that there might be a few photos of Sha this summer. Remember him?:… He’s currently 26 years old:P

And while speaking of age... Draggie turner 18 years old 1 of March! If he would have been human where we live, he would now be allowed to legally drink alcohol at the pub/in clubs, take his drivers licence, vote and buy cigarettes. God, I'm so happy that he is, in fact, just a horse.


However, there are a few changes as far as the horses are concearned. We’ve had Draggie for 14 years, and Itz for 7 years. Itz was owned by my mother, but I’ve trained and raced him during the past few years. My mother has a pretty nasty case of herniated discs. That’s been going downhill for a while, but during 2014 the doctors decided that she needed surgery. So into surgery she went. Not once though, but three times. Since the surgeries didn’t really go that well they had to redo it twice. I lived in the opposite side of the country, and mom didn’t have any possibility of training Itz for quite some time, considering the complications and all of the surgeries. I was applying for jobs back home but didn’t get any. So we decided to advertice him for sale. Selling an arabian gelding like Itz here might take some time, so I didn’t really think that anything would happen right away. I truly did believe that I’d get a job back home before he was sold. 

I didn’t. He was sold within 3 days. Another 2 days later I was offered a job back home.

Story of my life… -_-’ Where’s the timing?
Itz is nowadays living 4 hours away wiht a younger girl, and she seem to really like him:) I think it was a pretty good sell, although I miss him.


And then all of a sudden I found a young Teke mare for sale. (Background: I’ve been looking for a young Teke mare for quite a while, but haven’t really got myself one since we already had two horses). If things goes according to plan, thar particular Teke mare will arrive here within 2 weeks:)… Pretty darn cute, eh?


Anyways: Since stuff has been messy lately, I still haven’t been able to sort through all of the comments and notes in my inbox. I’ve dug through half I think (approximatly some 400 or so), but there are still way too many lef. I’f you need an answer really quickly, then please send a note.


And as a reminder – don’t forget about :iconequinebreeds-stock:

For you stock providers – feel free to apply as contributors. The rest of you are wellcome as members, and are free to suggest faves if you find stock photos that you think would fit in the group.

Yup, I'm still alive (although the lack of activity lately probaly seemed to point in the other direction)...

Life has been busa as heck lately. On top of that, my internet connection still won't work very well. And then here is the problem with my internet/laptop blockin some parts of DA. Most days I am only able to see the front page. Should I try to visit any other pages, the page is left partially blank. So basically, I can see parts of the site, but I can't see any of the notes of messages in my inbox. 
So naturally, the comments seem to have piled up in my absence. I had a quick look, and there seem to be somewhere between 1500-2000 comments.
Holy sh... O_O

Well, let's just say that it'll take a while to sort through them. I'll do my best during the 1-2 days a month that the DA page if working on my laptop.

Life in general is fine though. Draggie has finally (partially) retiered. After 5 years of the craziest injuries and illnesses, I've had to face he fact that he'll never again do an endurance ride. He seem to have no clue of that himself though, so I'll let him live without that knowledge;)
Itz will unfortunatly most likely be put up for sale in the near future. He's originally my mothers horse, although I've trained and raced him. She has a back injury that's become drasticly worse over the past few years, and won'r be able to proberly exercise him. So he'll at least be offered for sale, and hopefully we'll find him a good home. It's rather difficult to sell a horse right now though, and especially a difficult horse, which is what Itz happens to be. So should we not find him a good home, I suppose that I'll have to take him home to me or something.

Ah, well, just thought I'd let you know that I'm still alive (and the horses as well), and that I'll hopefully be able to reply to comments soon.
Well, as some might have noticed, my activity here is... let's say "low":P.
I moved at the beginning of January. Got a job in the opposite side of the country, and brought some furniture, a few bags and Draggie along with me. Unfortunatly, my internet connection since the move has been absolutly aweful. You bascally want to crush the computer on occasions. It's slow as heck, and nothing seem to work when you need it to work. I'm currently at my dads' house "back home" (where the internet actually IS working) and had hoped that I might be able to do a few updates and reply to some comments while I'm here, but DA is unfortunatly lagging right now. Comments and notes won't, the inbox isn't working and it's impossible to submit anything. 
Got to love DA. 

Well, that might explain why I haven't been able to reply to any comments lately:P That and the fact that I hade more han 1000 comments last time I looked. Hopefully it'll start working at some point, so bear with me... I'll try to reply to all the comments and notes, as soon as I get the opportunity.

Draggie and I are fine though. Had hoped to be able to add more photos of him in the near future, but as it seems, it might take a while.

Changes and moving...

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 4, 2013, 1:31 PM

Well, sometimes life takes you in directions you never thought of.

For me, that means that I'll be moving to the opposite side of the country:P I finished my education at the university a week ago, and somehow managed to get a rather good job this week. On the plus side, I'll finally have a decent income, after a few years of living as a student. On the negative aspect, that means that I'll have to move. It will be fun though, and a great experience. I currently have a month to prepare everything, and get a place to live in and a barn to put my horse at. 

For this stock account, it means that there'll be quite few photos of the horses you're probably used to see. My mother and I share 2 horses - Itz and Dragster. One of them will come with me, and the other will stay with my mother. Which one I'll bring with me isn't exactly decided yet, so that's something that I'll have to decide. It's a hard choise indeed, since I love them both to death. 

As for the rest of the horses in the gallery... Well, I do have some old photos of them laying around, but there probably won't be a lot of new ones. Not so sure how much time I'll have to do photography with a full-time job and a horse, and the Swedish winter is both cold and terribly dark:P 

Bt what I wanted to say is that I might not be hyper active here in the months to come, although I'll try to log on as much as I can. And you will see more of one of the horses. Which one it'll be, will have to be a surprice or something;)

Created a "clarified rules" journal. I'll start adding a link in every information box below the stock photos. So if people are a little unsure about the rules when they (hopefully) read them, they could just check here.

I could also go back and add stuff if there are frequently asked questions if I should find any that people tend to ask a lot, or that needs to be clarified.

Might take a while to go back and edit all information boxes below the stock photos. But it will happen, with time:P



- Credit me. 


This means that you should somewhere make sure to write where you got the photo from.

Correct way to credit: www. colourize-stock.deviantart. com

Ways to credit that's not correct: deviantart. com, colourize-stockda, deviantart. com ect.


If you use my stock here on DA it's free to credits anywhere. In the information below the photo or on the photo – doesn't matter.


If you use my stock on another site, the credits should be on the picture itself, or just next to it. Not on some other page or no credits at all.


If you have created some piece of traditional art by painting, drawing etc, you of course don't need to ad credits on the painting/drawing itself.


For sim/rpg sites, credits should always be on the picture itself.



    -          Report the use by sending me a link to your picture.

How do I send a link? It's rather easy really. You just copy the url to the picture you want to link to and paste it in a comment or a note. The website will turn it into a link automatically.

You could also make a thumb in a comment if you want to. It works as well.

There's also the "mentioning" function. This will automatically alert me that you've used the stock and I'll be able to see the picture, so if you do this you won't need to send a link.




- Repost the original photo on any site. It must be either digitally altered or used as reference first, but not reposted in its original form. Do NOT just add a piece of text, add a texture etc. Be creative!


Ths means that you can not just edit the photo minimally and post it somewhere, or just post it as it is. It is also not ok to just crop the photo, add a layer or two, add a little text or make other minimal changes. My intention when I started uploading stock photos was to provide the sim/rpg players with stuff for free to use in their layouts and manipulations so I wouldn't have to have m other photos stolen all the time, as well as to support hobby artists – both digital and traditional ones. I strongly support creativity. I however have no intention to provide all rpg/sim players with ready-to-use photos that they can take and upload. They are free to use… as long as you are a bit creative with it.

 the Examples of what I do not allow:


Example one by Colourize-Stock   Example 2 by Colourize-Stock   Example 3 by Colourize-Stock   Example 4 by Colourize-Stock


Blendings: Very simple blends (basically pasting together 2 photos) is not allowed.


This means that I do not allowed to make simple blends of my stock. Examples of what I do not allow:



Example 5 by Colourize-Stock    Example 6 by Colourize-Stock

    -          Redistribute. Do not make precuts, premades or in any way share this photo as a stock photo.


You may not upload my stock on other websites and share as stock yourself. You may of course not upload them here on Deviantart and share as stock either.

I do not allow precuts or precuts either. Simple as that.


Lineart: I do allow lineart. I do however require that if you let others use them for free, they need to credit me as well. I want this done since I in the past have recieved notes where people have claimed that someone has traces a photo of mine and not credited e, while it in fact was a lineart created by someone else. In some cases some people have also claimed not to have used my photo as reference but rather "found it as a lineart somewhere from someone who didn't want to be credited". So to make it easier: If the users credit me as well it's fine to share your lineart.

Also, if used as lineart: They must still not be used on Howrse as coats/furrs on Black Pearl.




    -          Claim as your own photo. 


Very simple: If you didn't take the photo, you should not take credit for it.




SIM/RPG Sites: 

- You don't have to ask me - you may use the photos there as long as you follow the terms of use stated above.

I allow my stock to be used on every sim and rpg site out there, as long as you follow the rules. There is no need to ask me if you can use it on a specific rpg or sim site.


    -          Credits ON the picture when used on sim/rpg sites.


When you use my stock on a sim/rpg site, credits should be on the picture itself.



    -          I do not allow my photos to be used as coats on Howrse.


Nope, I don't. Not under any circumstances.

The rule was set in December 2010. The coats submitted before that are allowed to stay in the Black Pearl system. But since December 2010, no new coats must be submitted.




- Deviantart prints are fine, but for other types of commercial use please contact me before you use it.

I always allow Deviantart prints.


When I first started uploading stock, I never intended them to be allowed for commercial stuff at all. I have a small photography buissiness, so to sell photos to people, breeders, magazines, companies and whatnot on one end, and share free photos to people and companies on another feels a bit odd.

Since a lot of peopel make small comissions for very little money today, I usually allow them to use the stock for free. But when people wanted to use them for more major products and purposes and actual companies started to use them I had to set some sort of limit.

So today, I require people to actually ask me BEFORE they use my stock for commercial use. I set a limit at $150. If you will make less than this from the product made with my stock, you may use it for free. If you make more than this, I require a small fee. The fee isn't larger than what most stock websites require for their photos intended for commercial use. It's not a large amount since most people that use my stock don't have large companies, but it's no longer for free.

I understand that a lot of people are not able to afford buying a stock photo for their product. Perhaps they don't earn a lot of money, of perhaps they don't have a real company or a very successful one… But hey, I struggle to make a bit of money as well, being a student with no real income to speak of yet;) So while some may think that it sucks to have to pay for a photo, I may think that it sucks to give away stuff for free that others may use and make a lot of money from.


Some people have come to me with a finished picture and asked if they may use it commercially. When I've told them that for the purpose they wish to use it, there's a fee required to be paid, they've said no. So please, if you intend to use it commercially and don't want to pay a small fee – do as the rules say and contact me before you use the stock!


If you have any questions - feel free to ask! Not sure what might be missing, or if there needs to be any more clarifications - so ask ahead!:)


Daily Deviation!:D

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 21, 2013, 10:12 AM


I was out the other day and took a few photos of a friend of mine and her horse - a warmblood showjumper. They turned out pretty well, despite the very difficult lighting. At the end of the day the moon decided to rise, while the sun hadn't quite set yet. It's one of the best things about autumn around here - sometimes the lighting in those moments is just perfect for dramatic photos. The moment didn't last for long, but we took advantage of it best as we could. And this one came out: 
Evening training by Colourize

And since it's always wonderful to recieve a DD, I just had to share it here as well:P

And let's not forget the fantastic who suggested it. I've been watching her for... well, I'm not even sure how many years it is anymore, but if you don't watch her yet - you should!;)

It was a long time since I had a feature, so well… here we go:P

There are some amazing stock out there on Deviantart. I'm taking a guess here, but DA have to be one of the best sites for people looking for recourses.


So here are a few personal faves. Some are a bit older, but most of them are posted over the past few months:

:thumb359971594:  :thumb361724413:  Palomino Stallion 15 by How-You-Remind-Me   Black Mare 10 by How-You-Remind-Me   Otto Matic stock 11 by zeeplease   Pole Boy 15 by ErikaChristine      White pony 13 by CitronVertStock   Horse stock - Youngster 2yrs by Lone-Onyx-Stardust   Stock by Night-Hawk6   Duke standing 6 by xPaintTheSkyx      Quarter Horse stock 9 - gray leap by Skunktail17   Marengo Stock XXXI by LyraWhite      Lipizzaner stallion by AfraidMe   Morgans in the Mud stock 9 by Skunktail17   Rocco by CassyKiara   Apache 2012 - 71 by ElaineSeleneStock   Levi 17 by lumibear   Halter Horse 8 by shi-stock



Moo Cow by PhotographyAndGoats   Elf 3 by chirinstock   Elf 10 by chirinstock   Strix varia- Barred owl by lumibear   Stormborn 1 by Jaymasee      ART CHALLENGE January 2013 by ColoredPencilMag   STOCK - Seaworld 2013-87 by fillyrox   Old factory Stock 168 by Malleni-Stock   Red Wings by Linay-stock   Little piece of my heart by lieveheersbeestje   :thumb398254334:  The Goat 2 by DaVvArt     Cold Wet And Fed Up!! by Roy3D   DSC05965 Roman 1 by wintersmagicstock   DSC05961 Romans 1 by wintersmagicstock   Fume Mask by G45M45K  



World's End 005 Ruins in Stormy Seas by LuDa-Stock   Chutes du Diable Waterfall IV - Exclusive HDR by somadjinn   :thumb376997705:   Steep Path by Burtn   Autumn Forest Premade Background by AustriaAngloAlliance   Premade BK Stock 265 by FairieGoodMother   Petrified Crocodile - Unrestricted HDR Stock by somadjinn   Troll by Burtn   Season by Burtn   :thumb317081801:   Rocks by AustriaAngloAlliance   The Wall by Burtn   STOCK - Springbrook 2013-7 by fillyrox   :thumb385984962:   AT-Stock Ruin039 by At-Stock   japan vacation LXXVIII by mimose-stock   Remarkable Rocks Stock (06) by GhostlyStudios   :thumb397448898:   FREE STOCK Streets of Asia Background by ArtReferenceSource   Unfinished Church in Bermuda 007 by FairieGoodMother   :thumb398103139:   Mountain - streamy stock by streamy-stock  




Oh, and a reminder: For those of you who happen to have some horse stock and just so happens to know anything about the breed of them, feel free to submit to my group: :iconequinebreeds-stock:

Well... I had hoped that I would have been able to go through my huge stack of comments by now. Unfortunatly, that's not the case it seems:/ I've been away more than I've been home lately, but will hopefully have some time for DA and the huge heap of comments left. I came back from the Netherlands 3 days ago, after having helped my friend during a 100 miles endurance ride. And I have to say that I really like the Netherlands:P Nice people, nice countryside and a nice overall culture. I miss the endless forests that we have up here, but beside those I kinda love the country:D 
I also found some really gorgeous horses down there. They have some quite interesting local warmblood stock with extensive splash- and sabino markings, and I managed to get a few photos of some. The poses will be quite boring I suppose... but the horses looked nice:D I also found a lovely bay roan draft horse with grey mane. I'm guessing a Brabant since they often come with extremly frosted manes, but I really don't know. I ususally don't upload photos from shows and races, but this time I saw the most amazing palomino akhal teke, so I'll probably upload some photos of that one anyway. 
All in all, there will be a lot of new stock that I've collected over the past month. So prepare the inboxes...
... For being so slow when it comes to replying to messages. I have over 500 comments in my inbox that I haven't been able to go through just yet, and a few notes as well. I'll do what I can to look through them ASAP. If anyone has anything urgent that they need answered, then please send a note. 
I've been away a few weekends on endurance rides (as a groom) and will be attending a major arabian show as a photographer this weekend. In two weeks I'll be going to the Netherlands for another endurance ride and be a part of a groom team for a friend of mine who will be riding a 100 miles (160 km) ride. The positive aspect is that there may come a few more stock photos. I got a few nice ones from the last endurance ride that we went to down in Denmark, and there'll also be a few new stock photos that were taken here in Sweden. So basically - prepare for a lot of photos, and hopefully some replies on comments.... :XD:
As some people perhaps already know, Dragster has a "Fan group" here on DA. I sure find that quite wonderful, and a bit of an honor even if the fan group isn't exactly dedicated to me but rather to my horse :XD: 
Anyhow, the creator of the group will hold a contest there, with premium memberships for the winners. Feel free to enter! You will find more information about it here:…
... Is anyone familiar with that site? Does anyone know how it works? And especially - does anyone know how to make things that shouldn't be on that site... Not be there? By that I of course mean: How the hell do I report stuff?:P 
See, I found a few of my photos reposted there. And by that I mean my whole friggin gallery. I don't know who would even be willing to actually save every damn photo in my gallery and reupload there, but they sure as hell did a thorough job. 
But back to the point - if anyone could figure out if there is some way to report or contact whoever runs that website - please let me know. 

Could be a search engine. Thing is that once you click the photo it doens't take you to the original photo like it usually does when it's a search engine. In this case the photo seem to be there...? Ah, I don't know... 
I would just like to hear what you all would like to see more of in my gallery? I have what feels like tons of photos, but I'm not entierly sure what you actually need. So basically - tell me what you would like to have more stock photos of!;)
You may suggest anything, and I'll see if it's something I could provide you with. I do however not submit photos of people - simply because I don't feel comfortable with adding stock photos of people without their permission, even with blurred faces. I don't even feel comfortable with providing free stock photos at all of people, which is why I haven't even asked anyone if I may:P I'm a bit of a control freak at times, so I'd probably only dare to prvovide stock photos of myself, just to be on the safe side :XD: 

But back to the point of this whole journal: Suggestions! Landscapes, flowers, specific horses/poses, items, cats, ugly hats... Anything really:P Just let me know if there's anything particular that you are missing, and give me some ideas of what you might actually need.

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I quite often get asked if I allow my photos to be used for linearts and similar things, or if they are allowed to be traced. I've never really mentioned it in the rules written under the photos, so figured I might just write something about it here. You know, in case I have any watchers that would like to use them for linearts.
Yup, I allow them to be used for lineart. You may trace them or do anything you want with them, as long as there are credits (which is why I don't allow howrse coats). But when used as linearts that are free for others to use, I'd still appriciate it if some of my own rules were still followed by the people who use the lineart. One of those specific rules is to credit me as well. Mostly because there has been some problems with that in the past. Someone sees a picture traced from my stock, but credited to someone else since that's the person who uploaded the free lineart, and report it. So credits for me as well for those using the lineart would be great. I'd appriciate it if those that upload the lineart mentioned that in their own rules for the lineart. Also, the "No Coat"-rule would be applied here as well. I'm pretty strict with that one.
It would of course be fun to see what people make with the lineart, but linking the use of a free lineart to me is not manditory. I'd of course love to see it, but it feels a little stupid to demand that people send a link to me as well:P

But yeah, if you just follow the stuff I wrote above, then it's free to use them as free linearts that others may use.
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It's extremely fun to see all the creative things that people can do with your stock photos. You take a rather boring photo, and someone else turns it into something amazing! For that single purpose I'd like to make a feature of some of my own personal favourites featuring my own stock over the past few months, to highlight some of the amazing artist here on deviantart! It was a long time since I made a feature, so it's about time I think:P
It was hard to pick just a few, since there are so many fantastic pictures.

AMERICANA / EXOTICA by lunarblues   one life.. by devils-horizon   Your eyes are bleeding your lies. by Frostie-Spirits   Happy Butt's day ! by BH-Stables   :thumb364924450:   At World's End by Idhrill   Faceless by Maelsantos   waiting for the dark -- commission by s-uperflu0us   Small Rest by soon38   Time to make a splash by Dark-Oak-Trails   Fairies Can Like.. Kidnap Your Life!! by MamisouPants   SOLITUDE by Lovepaperplane   Just a Moment by plutoplus1   AT: it's a lonely road to absolution by Chocomix   Grey Arabian 2 by SarahEsen   Tenderness by Abbyanna   A Muddled Rolling Star [trade] by i-mi   :thumb363599928:   Skymaster by miragedtheory   Something Magical by Nikkayla   SOMEDAY by mutednight   cherry blossom torch by Aquila-Art   -- hopeless place by aliyaahgrl   Solstice by lluvia-estival   Far away from home by caminante0   I'veBeenBurnedBefore by duskbeguile   Broken Dreams by suntwirl   P: amaranth by Chocomix   Nadira: the essence of timeless beauty by CristaliaART     Aiko Darleane by Frostie-Spirits   Symbiont by Nikkayla   In that world of little consequence by erraticstudios   Holy Ghost by houx13   the secrets we keep by oh-so-coco   spring by skolivri   :thumb355251210:   welcome home by Patchwork-Hearts     commission: Spellbound by jasmine-autumn     Extinction Event by rcahern
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It's a tricky little thing, right?

Not really. Copyright is quite easy to understand. Despite this, few people actually truly understand the full meaning of copyright.
Over my years here on DA, I've seen several people that don't quite understand what copyright is. Some times they listen to what they are told when you try to explain, sometimes they don't.
I've thought about it for years, but finally decided to actually bring up the issue.

Copyright is something that – like the name suggests – protects your original work. Weather it is a photo or painting or something else. It is your right to own your own original work.
Copyright applies to all things that you upload to the internet. You don't need to put a big stamp on your photo to have it protected by copyright. Unless anything else is stated, full copyright applies to the specific photo. A picture is not "Public Domain" just because it lacks a watermark or a signature. A copyright stamp is not mandatory if you want something to be protected under copyright. All work are protected under that, unless you state something different.
Copyright normally don't seize to exist until 70 years after the death of the artist.

So what does it take to break the law of Copyright?
Well, it basically takes that you use something, upload something or take something that does not belong to you, and you haven't permission for.
It doesn't matter if you state where you got the thing from, or if you state that you didn't take the photo/make the drawing yourself. As soon as you take something or upload something that doesn't belong to you, you have broken the law of copyright. Copyright is a real law. So real in fact, that you can be banned from sites. You could potentially take a copyright-case to court if you want to. Granted, a lot of people don't bother about that, since the costs of taking it to court would probably be quite large and you may actually loose more than you get after all the costs of the process. It could however be done, should you want to.
You could compare it to a stereo. If I take your stereo, I can go around and tell people that it's mine, tell them that i don't know who it belongs to or even tell them that I took it from you. Either way I took it from you, and that's where the problem lies. What I say matters little - it's the fact that I took it that is the problem. Copyright works in the same way, if you get my point:P

The "If the artist don't want me to use it, he/she may tell me that himself/herself" has its flaws too. The problem there lies in the factthat it may be a really small chance that the artist will ever come across the photo. It the artist has a limited use of the internet, he/she will never come across it. On some website it's even quite impossible to contact the specific uploader and ask him/her to delete it. On many sites you may not even be able to report the photo, if you should find it. This puts you in a situation where you have found the photo, you don't want it there but nothing is being done about it. I personally have found my photos all over the web. Even the ones with a big, fat watermark om my main account I've found a reposten on multiple accounts. There are probably thousands out there. Does it mean that I don't mind them being there, just because I haven't found them yet? Nope, it doesn't. And on this point I'm pretty sure that most photographers and digital artist agrees with me. At least the ones that have actually had a bunch of photos taken from them. Just because you haven't seen them, doesn't mean that you may want them there.

To read more on copyright, please check this site:…
Or any of the numerous others out there… Thee's a lot of good information about it on the web:)

But basically: Don't use stuff that does not belong to you. They are 99% of the time protected under copyright. Just because there isn't a symbol or watermark doesn't mean that it's public domain or free to use.

Here on deviantart there isn't some automatic detector that detects what is and what is not your original work. Nor is there anyone sitting by and looking at anything that is uploaded and comparing it to other things at the web. When something is deleted or removed, it's most of the times because of other members who reports the problem. So in a way, deviantart are "cept clean" by the help of it's members. You report something, and the crew can look at it and correct it. All you get is a notice from them explaining what was deleted or moved. It was however easier to do a few years ago, if I remeber correctly...

As a small sidenote to the copyright thing: Google. I've seen far too many credit google as a source.
Google is not a resource source. It is a search engine. If you upload a photo of your white bunny with a text mentioning that it is a white bunny, you may google photos of white bunnies and your photo appears. What you find on google is 99% of the time copyrighted materials as well, and a lot of it is uploaded on private, personal websites.

There was an issue the other day about a photo of a Teke. I pointed out that uploading something just to show someone else, even if claiming that you didn't take the photo yourself is still considered breaking the law of copyright. I was told that it is not so. I sincerely hope that the people involved in that discussion see this journal, as I was blocked after a few less nice comments from the uploader (and a few other people). I can only hope that some of them see this and read it to truly understand how copyright works (as well as the policy of deviantart). Weather they then decide to follow it or not is another matter, but I would like them to at least understand that even if you write that you did not take the photo, it counts as art theft if you look at what the law says.
Since I can't contact the uploader, I provide a link here:…
That is the photo you uploded. See the copyright mark a little further down to the right? Isn't that proof enough that it's not public domain?

I am not a big fan of open flaming, so I will not provide info on who the uploader is. It is not something personal against that particular person either. This journal was something that I've thought of writing for quite some time, since the problem has been around for as long as there has been easy internet access for people.
Oh, but to my watchers who use my stock: Apparantly I am also reported for "harassment", so should I somehow be banned (which I on the other hand don't think I will, but just in case of that it happens:P ), you may still use whatever stock photos you have downloaded as long as you follow the rules.

So why am I pointing out to someone that uploading things that don't belong to them might not be such a good idea? Well, the answer is quite simple really. It has nothing to do with me feeling powerful and allmighty and want everyone to obey me (despite that it was a theory some of the people there seemed to have). It has nothing to do with "trolling"... Seriously, people need to stop calling every comment they don't agree with "trolling". Pointing out that you are breaking the very basics about copyright when you upload another persons photo on a site filled with artists that are dependant on the very right to have some saying over our work is not trolling, it's sticking up to your rights and could by some be called common sence rather than trolling.
It is simply because I care about copyright. Heck, I don't know how many times I've had my own photos (both stock and photography that I sell) reporsted on many occasions. Sometimes stolen and claimed to be someone elses, sometimes just by someone who wants to show it off because they like it. Since I've been around for a while, I've also seen that one repost leads to another, and suddelny the photo is all over the web. And I'm not joking. I actually found a photo of mine featured in an uncredited manip that's avalible via an app for free photos. In the amount of one year, the photo went from being my own, to being avalible on every darn photo out there. That feeling is a bit less than nice, I can tell you. It starts with one person taking something and uploading it on another site, but once it's removed from the original photographers website, it's suddelny seen as something that probably is free to use since there is no info on it, and you end up with finding it all over the internet, used for whatever purpose people want. It's not something that I sit here and make up - it Happens. It has happened to me a few times. How do you think that some of those all-over-the-web photos that we see everywhere really started out like? Most of them were once something that one person posted on one site, never intended for anyone else to use. Now they are one of many "google images" that's impossible to get rid of.
So naturally, I try to mention to people that it is quite bad to upload somone elses photo without permission. It might not seem like a big deal to the one tht uploads it, but the feeling for the one that got robbed of the right to show of their photo without having it reporsted without permission, it feels like quite a big deal.

Feel free to call me names and think of me as a big arse for pointing out that it might not be a good idea to upload another persons photo when I see it, but please try to at least learn a little about copyright in the meantime. And quite honestly - Deviantart is a website full of artists and photographers. We usually look out for our own. Uploading things that don't belong to you can work on myspace and tumblr, but on a site such as this it's not such a good idea.

And again - please excuse my crappy English. It's a language that I never use outside of the world wibe web, since I don't live in an English Speaking country:P
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I get a lot of questions about my rules… and a lot of other questions as well, beside the rules:P Just thought I'd clarify the rules and answer some of the more frequently asked questions:


- Credit me.
Well, that one is simple. You just write something like "colourize-stock.deviantart .com". However, just "Colourize-Stock"or "deviantart. com" isn't enough, since that won't tell otherswhat user on what site the photo camefrom.

- Report the use by sending me a link to your picture.
Well, you just send a link. Quite simple really


- Repost the original photo on any site. It must be either digitally altered or used as reference first, but not reposted in its original form. Do NOT just add a piece of text, add a texture etc. Be creative!
That's a tricky one. See, when I first began uploading stock I did it because I saw a lot of skilled artists (digital as well as traditional) that asked for photos to use. I wanted to help them out by providing material to use. I like creativity and skill, but allow people to use my photos for practice as well since it's a natural step towards becoming better. If people wish to use my stock on game sites, that's fine as well.
However, the reason to me uploading photos here as stock is NOT to provide every rpg/sim player with easy-to-use photos to represent their virtual horse. I don't allow people to just crop off my own signature, add a piece of text or change the color slightly. Why? Because there's no creativity in that. I understand that lots of digital artists and some stock photographers don't agree with me in this, and I also understand that some might think that if you provide stock, then all ways to use the stock should be ok. These are however my own rules, and that are the conditions under which I provide my stock here on DA.

Blendings: Very simple blends (basically pasting together 2 photos) is not allowed.
Again, the creativity level…

- Redistribute. Do not make precuts, premades or in any way share this photo as a stock photo.
Don't make stock of my stock. Simply because crediting has proven not to work in those cases. Cut the horse out, upload on another account and even if the uploaded ask the users to follow my rules as well, it hasn't really worked in the past…

- Claim as your own photo.
No need to explain further.

SIM/RPG Sites:

- You don't have to ask me - you may use the photos there as long as you follow the terms of use stated above.
To log on and find 20 comments with "May I use?" is getting tiering…:P If it is listed as stock, you may use it as long as you follow the rules.

- Credits ON the picture when used on sim/rpg sites.
As the rule says – credits on the picture itself when you use it on rpg/sim sites.

- I do not allow my photos to be used as coats on Howrse.
This apploes only on the coats, where crediting is impossible. For other uses on Howrse, where credits can be included, it's fine to use the stock photos.


- Deviantart prints are fine, but for other types of commercial use please contact me before you use it.
My stock may be used for commercial use, to some degree. I've had some smaller companies asking me about the stock, which has led me to set a rule about the "price tag". I today have an upper limit. If the estimated amount that the stock photo will bring in to the user if lower than somewhere around $150, it's free to use. Above that, I require a small payment. The stock are not here to provide companies who could afford to buy their own material with free stuff, so that's the main reason to why there is a limit.
Me being a photographer who gets paid for photos to calendars, magazines, websites ect doesn't make it easier either:P My original idea was to not allow commercial use at all, since it seemed odd to both sell some photos and then allow photos to be used for anything at the same time. I know that most people don't make a lot of money from their work though, and that some could probably not afford to buy stock photos, so that's why I still allow commercial use to some drgree. Setting a specific amount of money seemed like the best option to actually draw a line somewhere, so that's what I ended up with.

Other questions:

"Are all of these your horses?"
Heck no! Draggie and Itz belong to my family, and then the rest are horses that I've leased in the past, ridden, trained, horses that belong to friends, horses I've seen at shows etc.

"What camera do you use?"
I currently use a Nikon D700, with a 80-200 2.8 lens (along with another lens for nature photography). I used a Nikon D200 up until 2 years ago, and before that a D40x.
I also get a lot of questions about what camera I have from people who don't have a camera or just nor a digital SLR, since they want to take photos that look like mine. In that case I don't recommend the D700 and the same lens I have. Simply because they cost a lot. Way too much for beginners to pay for their first camera.
My advice there is to start up with an easier, cheaper camera. You can get good photos with those as well, and the more you learn, the more you can upgrade. But I can't recommend paying $2500 for your first camera + lens.

***** edit****

And the the classic "What's the name of the horse/breed of the horse/gender/age etc etc of the horse?"

Here is the informaton about all of the horses in my gallery. Or, well, most of them.…
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Could anyone help me reporting this coat?…
It's currently displayed among the other newly elected coats, and I tried reporting it while it was still up for votin (apparantly with little success)
Does anyone know how to properly get it removed?
Hereäs my own photo:…
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